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The Healer's Path to Post-Covid Recovery

“Dr. Kelly's book provides solace and insight into the professional lives of health care providers during this historic pandemic. The stories shared throughout the book reveal the common experience of health care providers. You will feel heard and acknowledged. Her guidance for healing and recovery is an invaluable resource to embrace and grow from the lessons of the pandemic. A must read.”

- Lea Harrell Kirkland, MD, Psychiatrist

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"I have no doubt that readers will find meaningful and healing truths that penetrate below the bedrock of language in this book, reach into the roots of their Tree of Life, and nourish each branch of their body, soul and life."

- Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP,

Owen L Coon Chair of Family Medicine, North Shore University Health System,

Clinical Professor, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

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“Drawing from the personal experiences of close to one hundred traditional healthcare workers navigating the frontlines of a pandemic, Dr. Kelly takes the reader to the core of our collective despair and trauma, then guides the journey back, calling on our innate resilience through the art and skill of soul work healing. This book is a MUST READ to start the healing journey.”

- Barbara Bennett, MSN, RN, CEO, Pavillon Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services


“A special book that can help anyone chart a path through difficult times and emerge stronger, better, and more soulful.”


- Wayne M. Sotile, PhD,

Author of Thriving in Healthcare and The Thriving Physician


“The Healer’s Path is a guide to see beyond your darkened path and into the healing light of the dynamic horizon of the soul. This book will illuminate and awaken your higher self by examining the branches of The Soul Health Model.”

- Dr. Blake Kovner, ND, LM

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“The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery validates what many healthcare providers experienced during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Kelly has provided an insightful guide to healing the deepest areas of the soul that were severely impacted by this pandemic. She then takes it a step further to help you recognize the complex feelings that reside deep within you to transform the darkest hours into the brightest light!”


- Briana L. Garcia, RN, LMBT

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“An essential toolkit for healthcare providers seeking restoration from the corrosive consequences of the pandemic in their personal and professional lives. Written with the wisdom and compassion of an experienced healer and guide, it is a roadmap for radiant living, even within the depths of trauma and tragedy. Dr. Kelly’s application of her Soul Health Model to the unique needs and circumstances of healthcare providers is a vital contribution to post-pandemic healthcare.”

- Joseph Biggs, PhD, Psychologist

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“As a pharmacist, I can relate to the healthcare stories in this book. I have felt the uncomfortable truth of not having all the answers for customers as well as regulatory boards changing regulations at never before seen frequency.  This book was like a lifesaver thrown to a sinking soul.”

- Elizabeth D. Marley, Pharm D


“Dr. Katherine Kelly provides a powerful blueprint for healing and moving beyond the stress and trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic. This book offers insight into learning how thrive and shine our light as a beacon for others better than we could imagine. It's a roadmap for personal evolution, not just in the aftermath of COVID, but for other dark times that we all inevitably experience."

- Melissa Curran, Certified Aromatherapist, Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner


“Dr. Katherine Kelly's words give voice to many of the thoughts, struggles, and emotions that I, as a physician assistant on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic, have felt but not had the capacity to process fully. However, she does not allow that voice to stir up pity or dwell in the past. She acknowledges the darkness and uses it as a springboard for hope and a way forward. This book is a much needed blueprint to get you back to a brighter future."

- Jennifer Nall, MPH, MMS, PA-C

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“Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., has created an invaluable resource for the healthcare workers of this country and the world. She very eloquently explains the journey that has impacted this industry and its practitioners so severely through her interviews. She then provides the pathway with tools for healing and restoring the essence or soul which has been lost. I highly recommend her book for all healthcare and ‘soul care’ practitioners who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and these chaotic times.”

- Kate Olson, CHT, CPC, Author of Living In Joyful Resilience, Speaker, Radio Host, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP & Reiki Practitioner

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“I was struck by the shared journey that all of us in the helping professions have gone through. This time has certainly been exacerbated by the isolation that many of us felt. As a mental health professional in private practice, isolation from friends and colleagues and the needs of my clients has been overwhelming. Once I read this book, I did indeed find a light at the end of the tunnel with her wise insights and protocols to heal all the branches of our lives. This book provides physical, emotional and spiritual ways to heal ... and learn from all we have been through so that we truly evolve. I will be recommending this book to all my colleagues.”

- Cheryl Rubin, MSW, LCSW

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“Dr. Kelly shows the most devastating effects that Covid has had on healthcare workers on the front line of this war. She shares input from healthcare workers that she interviewed and brings light and awareness to this situation. Dr. Kelly’s book offers insight and solutions for individuals to work through the healing process while guiding them to grow and evolve at soul level. This book will help provide restoration and rebalancing in all of our lives.” 

- Carol Downey, RN, BSN, Maternal/Child and Newborn ICU provider,
Clinical Adjunct Professor, Oklahoma City Community College

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