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Dr. Katherine T. Kelly, PHD, MSPH

Clinical Health Psychologist, Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Her breathtaking and innovative Soul Health Model deepens our understanding of “whole health” by emphasizing that the connection with the essence of who you are—your soul—is the vital ingredient in reaching radiant health. The model offers an essential blueprint in which to align your life with your innermost ally to experience health at the ultimate and deepest level.

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., is a clinical health psychologist, former Director of Behavioral Science in Family Medicine and medical school professor, best-selling author, speaker and consultant.  She was named “the pioneer of Soul Health” after publishing her book, Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living (now in its second edition), and has been featured on over 450 national and international radio shows and podcasts as well as in several spiritual and health-related magazines.


In her new book, The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery: A Restorative Journey for Healthcare Providers, Dr. Kelly uses her nationally-known Soul Health Model to provide tools for healing from this life-altering pandemic. She also shares powerful stories of strength, suffering, courage and compassion from the nearly 150 traditional and holistic providers she interviewed in the U.S. and Canada.

The very soul of healthcare has been fractured and millions of healthcare workers took the biggest and deepest hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve spent their careers helping others. Now it is time to find and reclaim their inner light on their own path to healing.

Having worked in three major medical centers and taught hundreds of healthcare professionals, Dr. Kelly knows that providers have a procedure for everything but themselves. That’s why she wrote this book—to help realign and rebalance those affected by the dark night of healthcare’s soul.

When they read this insightful resource, healthcare workers will be guided towards a hopeful pathway so they can come of this unchartered era renewed, restored and elevated.

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“Dr. Kelly was amazing and I enjoyed everything that she had to say. Her presentation was great, and her research was outstanding. I absolutely love her integrative understanding of the soul and the metaphor of the tree.”


“Dr. Kelly is marvelous. She has clearly created a marvelous framework for her model of care and is fabulous at conveying the scientific evidence and the importance of honoring each person as a whole person as well as understanding that whatever is happening in our lives, it affects the whole of us and is inter-related with our physical,
emotional and spiritual function.”


“Dr. Kelly was a fantastic speaker and exceptionally knowledgeable in her field.”

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Charlotte, NC

Nationwide by arrangement

Zoom and Phone


Dr. Kelly delivers distinctive and innovative ideas through various forms of media — she’s dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging as a guest.

Are you ready for post-COVID Recovery?

  • Learn how to go from raw to right-side up…

  • Evolve beyond the crush of COVID…

  • Create your personalized procedure of a lifetime…

  • Pave the way to a much brighter future…

Licensed Health Psychologist, Author, Speaker, and Consultant, Dr. Katherine Kelly, helps your audience identify their roadblocks, transcend their toughest challenges, evolve to their highest potential, and claim radiant health!

How one healthcare worker now uses the Soul Health Model:

“I was ready to turn inward. Ready to recover. The pandemic left me on my knees like never before. My own advice, my own protocols and procedures, no doubt allowed me to fulfill my duties and those above the ordinary call of duty, but have failed to keep me healthy. The [concept of Soul Health] has hooked me.”

With over 34 years of healing and teaching experience, Dr. Katherine Kelly’s Soul Health Model is recognized as the essential roadmap to radiant living. She has taught the model in numerous public venues, corporate environments and medical settings. She offers her expertise in fully understanding the soul’s role in reaching optimal health. 

Dr. Kelly uses her Soul Health Model with clients and workshop participants on a daily basis.  Now, she offers the model to help healthcare practitioners heal from their experiences working during the COVID-19 pandemic.


She says, “The pandemic affected more than life balance, fatigue and emotional health; it struck healthcare workers at the essence of who they are—their soul. Now they need a procedure of their own to rebalance and reclaim their own lives. The Healer’s Path will help them to not only heal, but to evolve beyond where they were even before this virus arrived.”

Speaking Topics for Keynotes, Workshops,

Retreats, and Seminars include:

  • Heros or Helpless? The 5 Unspoken Truths of Celebrated Healthcare Workers

  • From Raw to Right-Side Up: Healing Strategies for Healthcare Workers

  • Healing from Hostility: The Healthcare Worker’s Recovery Plan for Patient Abuse

  • The Procedure of a Lifetime: The Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Rebalancing after COVID.

  • Picking up the Pandemic Pieces: Six Steps to Making Healthcare Workers Whole Again

  • Healing the Soul of Healthcare: What Administrators Need to Know About Their In-House Warriors

  • Healing the Core of COVID Trauma: The Real Story Behind Provider Stress/Burnout

  • The Great Resignation in Healthcare: How to Protect the Passion of Providing Care

  • From Provider to Long Hauler: Healing Yourself While Still Healing Others

  • Love During Lockdown: How Healthcare Worker Relationships Suffered During COVID

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