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Paperback & eBook Version Available 2/22/22

The Healer’s Path: Restorative Strategies for Healthcare Workers

Are you ready for post-COVID Recovery?

  • Learn how to go from raw to right-side up…

  • Evolve beyond the crush of COVID…

  • Create your personalized procedure of a lifetime…

  • Pave the way to a much brighter future…

The Healer's Path to
Post-COVID Recovery



Dr. Katherine T. Kelly, PHD, MSPH

A Restorative Journey for Healthcare Workers

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The very soul of healthcare has been fractured and that is you, the millions of healthcare workers who took the biggest and deepest hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve spent your careers helping others. Now it is time to find and reclaim your inner light on your own path to healing.

Having worked in three major medical centers and taught hundreds of healthcare professionals, health psychologist Dr. Katherine Kelly, PhD, MSPH, knows providers have a procedure for everything but themselves. That’s why she wrote this book — to help you realign and rebalance your life following the dark night of healthcare’s soul.

In The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery, Dr. Kelly uses her nationally-known Soul Health Model to provide tools for healing from this life-altering pandemic. She also shares powerful stories of strength, suffering, courage and compassion from the nearly 150 traditional and holistic healthcare providers she interviewed.

You will be guided towards a hopeful pathway so you can come out of this unchartered era renewed, restored and elevated.

Dr. Katherine Kelly, PhD, MSPH, is a clinical health psychologist, former Director of Behavioral Science in Family Medicine and medical school professor, best-selling author and speaker.

Praise for
The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery

“A special book that can help anyone chart a path through difficult times and emerge stronger, better, and more soulful.”

Wayne M. Sotile, PhD

Author of Thriving in Healthcare and The Thriving Physician

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